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On The Web (Issue 21)

What’s on the web?

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The 4WardEver Team regularly scan the web and other resources for websites that our readers are likely to find of interest.

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MASSOBS: mass observation movement
A new website has been launched which contains speeches and interviews with those who took part in the 2011 United Families and Friends Campaign and its thirteenth annual march. is a site that postgraduate students are involoved with. The material and projects have been influenced, both in approach and spirit, by the mass observation movement formed by Harrison, Madge and Jennings, in their initial projects in “Worktown”. Their aim was to create “an anthropology of ourselves”.

Migrant Media on Vimeo
Documentary Filmmaker, Ken Fero from Migrant Media, discusses his documentary called ‘Newspeak’ which was the last film to be broadcast by Press TV on 20th January 2012. The film questions the relationship between Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, and power. Also see Migrant Media Filmography >

Action for Happiness
Action for Happiness is a movement for positive social change. “We’re bringing together people from all walks of life who want to play a part in creating a happier society for everyone. For fifty years we’ve aimed relentlessly at higher incomes. But despite being much wealthier, we’re no happier than we were five decades ago”.

Justice for All
Justice for All a coalition of charities, legal and advice agencies, politicians, trade unions, community groups and members of the public. “We are the campaign for free legal advice, to ensure everyone is treated fairly under the law”.

Defend the Right to Protest
Defend the Right to Protest was launched in response to violent police tactics and arrests at the student protests of November and December 2010, with the support of activists, MPs, trade unionists, student groups and others. “We campaign against police brutality, kettling and the use of violence against those who have a right to protest. We campaign to defend all those protestors who have been arrested, bailed or charged and are fighting to clear their names”.

FATAL Campaign UK
Families Advocating Transparency in Autopsies of Loved Ones (FATAL) is a new pressure group formed as a result of the exasperation and grief relatives have suffered over what they believe is the deliberate lack of transparency of their loved ones autopsies. FATAL believe that there are many more people who have been at the receiving end of Dr Patel, and other operators’ questionable post mortems.

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