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Remembrance Feature: Kelso Cochrane

“Tribute to Notting Hill race hate victim”

Remembrance and tribute articles are added to the 4WardEver website as often as possible. They will chart some of the heroes and sheroes of our times, and cases of significance that have shaped society’s development, history and judiciary.

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Stanley Cochrane is 75 years old. He came to Britain for the first time last year, not as a tourist, but to discover who murdered his brother almost 50 years ago.

On 17th May 1959, Kelso Cochrane, a 32-year-old carpenter from Antigua, was killed by a group of white youths in Notting Hill Gate. No one was ever convicted.

“In March 2003 I awoke from a disturbing dream about my brother,” says Stanley. “From that moment I couldn’t shake his face from my mind. “He kept coming back in my dreams. I decided I had to do something.”

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