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On The Web (Issue 20)

What’s on the web?

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Tottenham Defence Campaign
Once again our community has to pick up the pieces of major social unrest, a turmoil ignited by a local man Mark Duggan being shot and killed by the police in Tottenham. Social disorder spread rapidly to other parts of London and finally to other cities and towns in England, each with their own specifics and intensity.

Ceasefire Magazine
Ceasefire is an independent political and cultural quarterly publication founded in 2002, concerned with producing high-quality journalism, reviews and analysis. They cover a wide range of topics – from Arthouse to Žižek. They aim to provide intelligent and thought-provoking discussion and analysis on politics, art and activism.

Helping Hands Against Abuse
There are many survivors of abuse in all it’s horrific forms, from child abuse to domestic violence to abuse of the elderly. Helping Hands Against Abuse hope to bring victims and survivors together into one cyber-family where there is nearly always someone here to share your troubles, your joys, your achievements and sometimes your hilarious mishaps. We have partnered with a great cutting edge film company, Pie ‘N’ Mash Films, who devote every waking moment to expose the injustices of all forms of abuse.

Peter Marshall – Photographer
“I first studied photography as a short course during my teacher training year in 1970-71, making use also of the opportunity to study media studies, film studies and gain practical experience behind a television camera! As my interest in photography grew I learnt much from books on the subject. My first published photographs were a portfolio on Paris which appeared in a photographic magazine in 1973; since then I have had work in many books, newspapers and magazines.”

Terence Bunch – Photographer
This is the picture library of Terence Bunch and contains images of some of the most important campaigns, demonstrations and protests that have taken place over the last ten years in the United Kingdom. In order to download high resolution files for use, you will need to contact the library administrator for a username and password. The images are licenced for commercial use but we also allow images to be downloaded for charities and publications running as not for profits.

The Afro News
The AfroNews features news about the Black Community in the UK. It is fully at the service of the Community, creating a communicating Community, and promoting a positive image of the Community.

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