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Shocking Video of police brutality…

originally published by: Daily Mail
published: 5th September 2010

Captured on film, a burly police sergeant flings an innocent 5ft 2in woman on to a concrete floor, knocking her unconscious. By the time the then 57-year-old market researcher Pamela Somerville comes round several minutes later, blood is streaming from a wound above her left eye.

Disorientated and bewildered, she manages to lift herself off the floor, but can only stagger around the room. Blood forms in small pools at her feet. Then she presses an intercom and cries: ‘I’m hurt, please, please help me.’

Shocking CCTV video from Mail on Sunday: Watch video here >

Posted by Pie and Mash Films. Please Google ‘Bill Maloney Filmmaker’ and you will see how campaigning, maverick film director Bill Maloney puts his own liberty on the line to expose the injustices of institutional child abuse and the catastrophic effects of the increasing erosion of our civil liberties. Maloney also supported and filmed the Mikey Powell Remembrance Day resulting in the documentary ‘4Ward Forever The Heroes

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They couldn’t do it without their ‘army’. Free viewing of Bill Maloney’s latest reports are also available on their website.

‘God bless all victims and survivors’.
From all at Pie and Mash Films – Going where angels fear to tread!

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