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Luke Mitchell is Innocent

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Luke Mitchell was just 14 years old when his girlfriend Jodi Jones, also 14, was murdered on 30th June 2003.


It was a horrific attack, with Jodi’s throat being cut up to 20 times, and her body mutilated after death.

From the minute the body was discovered by Luke and three of Jodi’s family members, it was plain the police were focussing on only one person – Luke himself.

Luke was taken to a police station, stripped naked without an adult present, body samples taken for forensic testing, along with all of his clothes. Not one of the other members of the search party was treated in this way – their clothes were not recovered for days afterwards, having been washed, and reference DNA samples were not taken until 16 – 23 days later.

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One Response to Luke Mitchell is Innocent

  1. Sophie Cranston Reply

    26 July 2014 at 10:02 pm

    I may only be 12 but I want to be a forensic when I am older so I decided to look up this case.

    Luke Mitchell was accused of brutally murdering Jodi jones. From what I know I believe that Luke is innocent and has been convicted unfairly and only been a suspect because he isn’t her family but he was close to her. I believe that Luke found the body by coincidence and ever since then that has been used against him by people saying that he was guilty and knew where the body was all along.

    Ask yourself where is the proof? There was no actual evidence against him. All the evidence was circumstantial. No DNA or traces of blood, nothing. There was plenty of that on Jodi jones’ brother. What I don’t understand is the police had the cheek to say that all his DNA had been wiped off the body by her granny when she hugged Jodi’s body.

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