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New Cases on 4WardEver: Jan 2010

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Please Note: Not all cases listed here are recent. We are continuously adding to profiles featured on this website:

Cameron Todd Willingham
Strapped to a gurney in Texas’ death chamber [0n 17 February 2004], just moments from his execution for setting a fire that killed his three daughters, Cameron Todd Willingham declared his innocence one last time. “I am an innocent man, convicted of a crime I did not commit,” he said angrily. “I have been persecuted for 12 years for something I did not do.”

Delara Darabi
Delara Darabi was executed in secret and contrary to law in Rasht Prison on 1st May 2009, without prior notification given to her family or attorney. She was sentenced to death for a murder that happened during a break-in when she was 17 years old. Delara was the most well known Iranian minor on the death row.

Jerard M. Drew
In April 2009 an investigation was launched after Tulsa Police arrested 38 year-old Jerard M. Drew who later died at a local hospital. The police officers in the incident were placed on restrictive duty and the investigation was led by the Tulsa Police Department. Jerard’s family said, they just want answers.

Samar Saed Abdullah
Samar Saed Abdullah was sentenced to death in August 2005. She insists she is innocent of the murder of her uncle, his wife and one of their children. She has blamed her fiancé, saying he killed her relatives in order to rob her uncle. Her fiancé was also accused of the murder, but it is not known if the authorities have been able to arrest him.


Linda Carty
A UK grandmother on death row in the US had sent out an appeal for help via a plinth in Trafalgar Square. Linda Carty, was convicted in 2002 for killing a woman in the USA as part of a plot to kidnap the victim’s baby, after a trial campaigners say was “catastrophically flawed”. She is now on death row in Texas, the only British woman awaiting execution in George Bush’s home state.

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