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Justice for Christopher Alder

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This is a short news report on the racist death of former paratrooper Christopher Alder in police custody.

CAUTION: some graphic scenes!


Christopher Alder Ex-paratrooper Unlawfully killed by the Humberside Police 1st April 1998 his death capture on CCTV shown on BBC 1.Christopher Alder, 37, of Hull, died at Queen’s Gardens police station in Hull in April 1998.

The father-of-two had been arrested in hospital, where he was being treated for a banged head following a scuffle outside a hotel.

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One Response to Justice for Christopher Alder

  1. Bill Smith Reply

    12 June 2014 at 10:23 am

    Janet should join up with justice4the 21 and anyone else that are campaigning for justice. Maybe the people in power will listen then. Julie Hambleton is the lady that is fighting for justice for the 21.

    The police should hang their heads in shame clearly racist

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